History of Montgomery County, Texas  written by William Harley Gandy

Old Montgomery edited by Lloyd Biskamp 1996

Early History of Montgomery, Texas written by Kameron K. Searle, J.D.

Montgomery Patriot by John Marshall Wade July 2, 1845 ~ Vol.1 No.


Historic Montgomery Photos cut out from Newspaper article from Sunday, May 1927.

  • Hotel in Montgomery Gen. Sam Houston stayed in
  • Davis & Palmer General Store
  • Joe Wood & John Martin in front of original County Seat

Davis Home

  • Brief History of the Davis Home built in 1854 for Peter J. Willis

History of Montgomery County (1837 – 1954)

  • Newspaper article written in the Conroe Courier, Montgomery County by William Harley Gandy in 1955

The Harley Gandy House

  • Brief History of Nathaniel Hart Davis

  • Built in 1892

Montgomery Civic Center Donation Letter

  • Written by Mary Willis August 15, 1951

Montgomery High School Commencement Program

  • May 4, 1925

A Window on Montgomery

  • by Anna Weisinger

Mary Davis Obituary and Photos

  • Desendant of Stephen F. Austins' Fourth Colony Settler I.C. Davis

  • Grand Daughter of William Landrum

  • 1944

Series of Newspaper Articles

  • Date uncertain

  • Written series on historical events of Montgomery, TX

  • Peter Willis, Charles B. Stewart, General Sam Houston, Owen Shannon, W.W. Shepperd, James McCown, John Corner

Sello Segundo: Doce Reales (Spanish)

  • 1828

  • Republic of Texas, Montgomery County

The Willis Home News Paper Photos

  • Built by P.J. Willis in 1854 (photo taken in 1929)

  • Old Willis Home in 1954

Travel Documents  (Spanish)

  • Issued by Stephen F. Austin

  • Certificate for William Landrum issued in1830

Flyer of The Oaks Home

  • Description and History with some pictures
  • Built in 1869 by Nathaniel Hart Davis, who was the first Mayor and first County Judge of Montgomery, Texas.

Origin of the Lonestar Flag

  • Written by David L. Martin

Texas History Page

  • History of the Lake Creek Settlement in Texas and the Founding of the Town of Montgomery in July, 1837

RootsWeb page for Montgomery County



Old West Legends:  A Tragic Affair in Old Montgomery by Sue Moore

  • Story of William J. McGrew/McGraw

Right and Ready:  Law Practice of Nathaniel Hart Davis 1850-1882 by Brian Dirck

Old Montgomery

Old Montgomery edited by Lloyd A. Biskamp   Table of Contents Preface   Chapter 2 – Interviews:  Anna Weisinger, Vivian Furlow and Bessie Owen Chapter 3A Chapter 3B Chapter 3C Chapter 4A Chapter 4B Chapter 5A Chapter 5B Chapter 5C Chapter 6A Chapter 6B Chapter 6C Chapter 7  –  Bessie Owen Collection: The Dikeman Family in Texas …

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