Old Montgomery

Old Montgomery

edited by Lloyd A. Biskamp

Chapter 2 – Interviews:  Anna Weisinger, Vivian Furlow and Bessie Owen
Chapter 3A
Chapter 3B
Chapter 3C
Chapter 4A
Chapter 4B
Chapter 5A
Chapter 5B
Chapter 5C
Chapter 6A
Chapter 6B
Chapter 6C
Chapter 7  –  Bessie Owen Collection: The Dikeman Family in Texas
Chapter 8A
Chapter 8B
Chapter 9  – Mier Expedition Diary, Probate and Deed Records
Chapter 10  – A history of Montgmery County: Thesis by W.N. Martin
Chapter 11  –  A History of Montgomery County: Texas Thesis by William Harley Gandy
Chapter 12 – The History of Montgomery County: Thesis by Robin Montgomery
Chapter 13 – The Handbook of Texas, Gustav Dresel's Houston Journal, William Bollaert's Texas, The Indigenous Indians of the Lower Trinity Area of Texas, The Arrival of the Telegraph in Texas, Post Office Papers of the Republic of Texas 1836-1839, The Texas Almanac 1857*1873, Hood's Texas Brigade
Chapter 14 –
Chapter 15  –  Biographical Sketches:  Sallie Byrd, Nancy Gay Irion Cartwright, Ida Clark Morriss Davis, Llai Cecil Davis, Llai Couch Davis, Mary Melissa Davis, Nancy Cynthelia "Nannie" Gay Dikeman, Mary Ella Gay Field, Appleton Gay, Florence J. McKinney Gay, Green Duke Gay, Mary Ann "Polly" Landrum Gay, Nancy Gilmore Landrum Gay, Thomas Allen Gay, William Henry Gay, Charles E. Gilbert, Sr., Cynthelia Landrum, John Landrum, William "Willis" Landrum, Willis James Landrum, Zachariah Landrum, Zachariah "Zach" Landrum, B.R. Lignoski, James Alexander McCown, Melissa "Lit" Landrum Davis Threadgill McKinney, Raleigh Rogers, Magnolia Willis Sealy, Elizabeth Landrum Springer, Peter Willis and Caroline Womack,